Not many people on Emirates Air Line these days

… the Emirates Air Line cable car in London that is, not the actual Emirates airline.

The cable car runs from Royal Docks on the north side of the Thames across to Greenwich Peninsula, close to the O2 (formally the Millennium Dome), taking about five minutes each way and is, in theory, a regular part of the city’s transport system. But as the BorisWatch blog says, the passenger numbers have been in free-fall since the end of the Olympics.

The Dubai airline paid £36m for a 10-year sponsorship deal for the cable car. Separately, the London mayor Boris Johnson was given a free upgrade to business class on Emirates Airline when flying from London to Seoul in May 2009  for a climate change conference.

Here’s a photo taken yesterday afternoon when there were more empty cars than full ones:

Emirates Air Line cable car over the Thames, with the O2 and Canary Wharf in the background

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